A division of Advanced Energy Resources, Inc., AER Lighting is a lighting company operating on a national scale. Advanced Energy started as an energy consulting company working with property owners to reduce their overall energy expenditures utilizing diverse efficiency strategies. Since 2013, after auditing thousands of properties, it had become obvious that there is one simple measure that property owners could exploit to reduce their energy consumption, improve efficiencies and upgrade their property in an extremely cost effective way. That one measure was to upgrade their legacy lighting to LED. Thus AER Lighting was born.

AER Lighting, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has subsequently retrofitted over 500 buildings from fluorescent/incandescent to LED. AER partners are all veterans of the energy, real estate and financial industries, and we understand property owner’s needs and constraints.

AER Lighting is a full-service LED replacement installer for large commercial and multifamily buildings. We also work with healthcare facilities, industrial buildings and hospitality properties.

AER Lighting is one of the very few companies that offer full service lighting design for LED, rebate procurement, and installation. We purchase LED bulbs and fixtures in extremely large quantities, directly from the manufacturers, thereby allowing us to offer all of these additional services while still maintaining our price advantage. Our suppliers all have DLC certification and, at a minimum, guarantee 50,000 hours of use and five year warranties on all lamps. This means that besides the 50% energy cost savings, our clients will not have to change bulbs in any of the newly installed fixtures for at least five years GUARANTEED. We also offer creative financing options, which would allow our clients to start saving money on the project from day one offinancing.

AER works with some of the largest real estate owners and managers in some of the largest metro areas. If you would like to see for yourself the potential savings for your property, please call us or chat with us now to get started.