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Winoker Realty lighting overhaul

Winoker Realty

Built in 1926, 62 West 47th street occupies approximately 138,252 Square feet and stands 16 stories tall, situated in the midst of NYC prestigious jewelry district and is managed by Winoker Realty. The existing common area lighting uses T12 strips fixtures. The client wanted to maximize energy savings.

Project Goals:

  • Recommended T8 lamps throughout the facility
  • Potential reduction of wattage consumption by 51.6%
  • Maximized the financial incentives by Procuring Utility Rebates and Tax Incentives prior to completing the project
Savings Snapshot
5 Year Energy Savings 183,649
Cost Reduction 36,729
Project Cost After Rebate 16,540
ROI Payback In Years 0.45


Proper lighting is crucial when displaying precious gems. In this case, this building is in the epi center of the diamond district on 47th street in NYC and now also boasts a full line of LED.

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