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Case Study
700 Broadway, NYC

In addition to being Weitz & Luxenberg’s headquarters, 700 Broadway is the former home to the National Audubon Society and was declared a New York City Landmark in 1999. Designed in the late 1800s by George B. Post, who designed the New York Stock Exchange and some of America’s first skyscrapers, it was renovated as New York’s first “green building” a hundred years later. It stands as a physical symbol of The Firms strong commitment to the people who shaped New York’s history and their commitment to its future.

Case Study
A Landmark Assisted Living Community Brings LED's to enhance the seniors experience

While nearly all lighting at Springfield was fluorescent, some technologies were outdated relative to new LED technologies, and most fixtures lacked any occupancybased controls. Furthermore, special attention to lighting quality was warranted due to the elderly population. Both in-unit and commonarea lighting were audited.

Case Study
Exterior & Parking Lot Upgrade

Upgrade of parking lot pole lights, roadway leading to center and exterior of center

Case Study
Crotona Park Development - Upgrade of 20 Affordable Housing Apartment Buildings in Brooklyn N.Y

Total replacement of 1,603 fixtures 800 Interior; Flush mount Domes 400 Exterior; Flood, WallPacks, Security & Pole 403 Interior; Basement, boiler-rooms, compactor closets

Case Study
KWH reduction for CG Management

Advanced Energy replaced all of the building’s interior and exterior lighting, including basement, hallway and all common area. Installing new light fixture and energy efficient bulbs allowed our customer to enjoy a better looking building and know that they are saving KWH annually.

Case Study
Staybridge Suites increases light levels while maximizing savings

Staybridge Suites is located at 340 West 40th Street New York, NY and is a part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group. Built in 2010, Staybridge Suites is situated in the midst of NYC Times Square. Boasting an ideal location and cool design, the Staybridge Suites Times Square - New York hotel is a sleek, modern extended stay hotel that’s perfect for all. The existing common area lighting used a combination of Halogen MR16, A-Lamps, PAR’s and T12/18 Fluorescent Tubes. The client wanted to maximize energy savings and increase light levels.

Case Study
Winoker Realty lighting overhaul

Built in 1926, 62 West 47th street occupies approximately 138,252 Square feet and stands 16 stories tall, situated in the midst of NYC prestigious jewelry district and is managed by Winoker Realty. The existing common area lighting uses T12 strips fixtures. The client wanted to maximize energy savings.

Case Study
Major savings for Teri Jon by retrofitting 279 fixtures

Built in 1913, 241 West 37 streets occupies approximately 87, 802 Square feet and stands 12 stories tall, situated in the midst of NYC Garment district and is the home for the famous clothing brand Teri Jon. The existing common area lighting uses T12 strips fixtures. The client wanted to maximize energy savings.

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