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Office buildings require quite a bit of electricity. Between lighting and air conditioning, bills can really add up, especially during the summer when temperatures are close to unbearable in many parts of the country. Companies can save a considerable amount on energy costs by replacing their lamps with LEDs. LED lighting will exceed the quality of the legacy lighting while consuming 50-80% less power.

Commercial facilities need to do everything they can to reduce overhead. Facility executives face spiraling occupancy costs on the one hand, and directives to boost margins on the other. Choosing the right combination of components and designing a system properly cuts operational expenses and enhances the overall contribution occupants make to an organization’s bottom line. Simplification—along with energy-efficient lighting solutions—means savings.

It’s not surprising that many lighting upgrades in commercial buildings focus on reducing the amount of energy the systems use. Lighting typically accounts for more than one-third of the energy consumed in these facilities, according to Energy Star.

Benefits to landlords:

  • Increased net operating income
  • Increased asset value
  • Marketing advantage to attract new tenants
  • Increased retention of existing tenants
  • Reduced lamp and fixture replacement cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved relationship with tenant
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