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Give your hotel a light makeover. Accentuate architecture and decor. Create relaxing or uplifting social areas. Welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable. Our flexible lighting solutions open the door to countless creative possibilities.

Hotel lighting can be easily upgraded to contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. However, the type of lighting depends on the hotel’s needs and certain types may not be beneficial for all buildings. AER Lighting can help a hotel owner determine the best lighting options to reduce energy consumption and save on annual electricity costs.

More hotels around the nation are realizing how simple it can be to cut down on electricity use by making some lighting changes. Energy efficient lighting upgrades can reduce a business energy usage as well as reduce costs for maintenance. Because LED lighting has a longer life than traditional lighting, bulbs do not need to be changed as frequently and require less attention. Another great advantage of an LED’s lifetime is the reduced frequency needed to change those hard to reach areas that require lifts or scaffolds.

Hotels owners, who are interested in upgrading to energy efficient lighting, turn to AER Lighting for a more detailed consultation.

Here is our detailed 10 step process.

  • Client requests free lighting audit for property.
  • AER coordinates with the lighting auditor and building manager to conduct survey.
  • AER office receives the survey from the auditor then creates the proposal, savings overview, rebate and incentive amount (if applicable).
  • AER will the send proposal and rebate form to the client for review. Client signs documents and pays for the job as per payment terms
  • Signed proposal and rebate form gets sent to the utility company. The pre-inspection is scheduled with the utility and installer.
  • Pre-inspection is completed with the utility and then installation is scheduled with client and installer.
  • Installation of the job and then post-inspection is scheduled with the utility and installer.
  • Post-inspection is completed with the utility and installer.
  • AER sends the client completion letter. The client signs off the completion letter, verifying that the lighting job has been completed. Any balance due is paid by the client.
  • Signed completion documents get sent to the utility.
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