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AER Lighting has retrofitted industrial & manufacturing facilities of 1,000,000+ SQF.

Facilities that operate 24/7 see enormous savings. There are many key factors contributing to why large businesses are choosing to upgrade to LED. Besides the obvious 50%-80% energy savings, below are some other benefits of LED retrofitting for industrial spaces.

Benefits of LED in industrial facilities:

  • An LED luminaire is especially suitable for cold storage applications, not only because its cool operation does not add to the thermal load as fluorescent and HD lights do, but also because its instant on/off switch  capability means that manufacturers do not have to leave lights on when the area is not in use and can outfit them with occupancy sensors.
  • A properly designed LED high-bay luminaire is capable of providing the illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s (IES) recommended light levels while withstanding the high ambient temperatures commonly found in manufacturing environments.
  • The maintenance cost savings, especially in high-bay areas, is particularly attractive as LED bulbs do not have to be changed for up to 65,000 hours.
  • Energy use can be further curtailed by dimming or turning off the fixtures when areas are not occupied. LED fixtures turn on instantly with no ramp-up time.
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