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The bottom line is–effective energy management saves money. That’s why we take pride in working with multifamily property owners and managers, large and small, to take advantage of today’s most innovative LED Lighting. 

Multifamily buildings are unique since common area lighting run 24/7 so converting to LED will have a bigger impact to your bottom line.

Lighting retrofit projects that reduce lighting load typically have a fast payback. While the LEDs KWH difference alone will achieve savings, you will also save by purchasing fewer bulbs. LEDs last up to 10 times longer. Given the growing cost of electricity, locking in a lifetime of dramatically lower energy bills is a worthwhile investment.The new LED fixtures not only significantly reduce utility bills, they also provide better, clearer lighting by day and night. This result in a safer, more comfortable experience for residents, maintenance replacement costs reduced for owners and management. Upgrading lighting in old or existing structures can be a challenge, but our teams are trained to rewire fixtures to perfection, eliminating previous wiring issues. 

We’ve upgraded hundreds of NYC multifamily building’s lighting to LED fixtures, and we have a clear understanding of the multifamily space and the knowledge of the best replacement measures to use. 
We present upgrades that will decrease your energy usage without decreasing your lighting levels.

Here is our detailed 10 step process.

  • Client requests free lighting audit for property.
  • AER coordinates with the lighting auditor and building manager to conduct survey.
  • AER office receives the survey from the auditor then creates the proposal, savings overview, rebate and incentive amount (if applicable).
  • AER will the send proposal and rebate form to the client for review. Client signs documents and pays for the job as per payment terms
  • Signed proposal and rebate form gets sent to the utility company. The pre-inspection is scheduled with the utility and installer.
  • Pre-inspection is completed with the utility and then installation is scheduled with client and installer.
  • Installation of the job and then post-inspection is scheduled with the utility and installer.
  • Post-inspection is completed with the utility and installer.
  • AER sends the client completion letter. The client signs off the completion letter, verifying that the lighting job has been completed. Any balance due is paid by the client.
  • Signed completion documents get sent to the utility.
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