Substance Over Form

We do not cut corners. We pursue excellence in every detail. We hold transparency as a core value. We listen to our customers and never lose sight of the ultimate standard for our success: your success.


A quality job is done right from the beginning. we therefore put a lot of emphasis on our lighting audits performed by our lighting team and scoped through our dedicated lighting software. Our in-house lighting design team will propose the proper and effective fixtures to produce the ultimate lighting experience. Our installers will offer a headache-free installation in a timely fashion without leaving a mess or unfinished fixtures.

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When it comes right down to it, flexibility within a company is an attitude – a culture. Tele–commuting, the connected workplace and other technologies mean that the lines between work–time and personal–time have blurred. Rather than resist this change, we embrace it.We listen to our clients to understand their specific needs and focus to meet and exceed those expectations.

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Our employees and managers complete tasks in the least amount of time possible with the least amount of resources possible by utilizing certain time-saving strategies. We strongly believe that efficiency increases productivity and saves both time and money for us, and more importantly our clients.

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Never wait for an answer. We keep our customers immediately informed, in real time, of everything that occurs regarding their project. This applies to the site audit, utility rebate approval, project paperwork, installation scheduling, and utility post inspection.

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We are committed to assist AER clients and prospective clients in every possible way. We always respond within 24 hours and are always here to help.

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