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The quality of our work is what brings us our next customer. In lighting, there are many phases that quality quality can be measured.  Starting from our initial survey we measure everything exactly. The current lighting, the size of the spaces, the hours of use, etc. The design must be flawless. We measure the foot candle of every space. Designing the space with enough light to enhance the environment with an eye on not over-illuminating the space is key. Procuring top quality product that will last for up to 100,000 hours backed by a manufacturer guarantee is the next step. Our installation team has been with us in-house for over 3 years and have installed tens of thousands of fixtures without a complaint. Lastly, we stand by our work and are available at all times with a team of customer service agents to answer any post-work issues our clients might have. Our goal is to set the industry standard in quality for LED installation projects.

Specific quality principles include:

  • Design performed by expert engineers trained in top programs that have worked many years in the industry.
  • Post Install commissioning.
  • Continuously ongoing research to find the best products available in real time.
  • Customer service available at all times to assure ultimate customer satisfaction.
We will never be all things to all people, but for quality sensitive users, we believe our services set the industry standard.
- Josh Klein
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