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At AER quality and customer service go hand in hand. If our customers don't feel that we care about them all the effort we put into our quality products and work are meaningless. Throughout the process, starting from our first scheduled survey until post installation and beyond, we are there for our customers 100% of the time. All we can say is "Try us out" you won't get AER quality service anywhere else.

Our team adds value through:

  • Always communicating with the customer, including when there might be a problem.
  • AER's view on quality service is to always be available to our clients to discuss anything. How much is that worth?
  • Offering flexibility in product selection, and installation timetable.
  • Not missing deadlines and standing behind our work 100%. Even long after the job is finished we are there for our clients.
What service means to AER is letting our customers know what we are doing for them and allowing them to discuss anything with us at their convenience
-Josh Klein
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